Who are we ?

Our position

Synapsun is a service, engineering and distribution company, specializing in the supply of photovoltaic panels on a B-to-B basis. 

Synapsun advises and supports PV project developers and EPC contractors in their procurement of PV modules directly from manufacturers or, when the project requires more services, through Synapsun Trade, its turnkey distribution entity. 

At the same time, Synapsun supports manufacturers in developing and certifying their product portfolios to meet the requirements of the French market. 

Synapsun provides the market with a digital interface orchestrating interactions between PV module buyers, manufacturers and logistics, facilitating the identification, comparison, pricing, purchasing, procurement, quality control, storage and delivery of photovoltaic modules.

We offer two different sourcing models

For large PV power plants: Synapsun supports you in your direct sourcing from photovoltaic module manufacturers.

For photovoltaic roofs and carports: Synapsun optimizes your purchasing and provides you complete range of services, whatever the volume ordered.

synapsun.com added value

For engineering and development teams

For the purchasing department

  • Access our competitive bidding tools
  • Get personalized quotes within 24 hours
  • Manage your orders and track your supplies from factory to job site

For the legal department

  • Access Synapsun's contract templates
  • Take advantage of Synapsun's contract builder

For the finance department

  • Track the issuance of your bank guarantees and performance bonds,
  • Benefit from Synapsun support in opening letters of credit
  • Monitor your payments and credit lines

For the construction department

  • Benefit from Synapsun's buffer storage to deliver at the pace of your projects 
  • Manage and track your deliveries 
  • Benefit from Synapsun's post-delivery sup

For the operational department

  • Access all your project archives
  • Benefit from Synapsun after-sales support

Why work with us

Passionate team members

The solar industry is young, we have followed it since its beginning. We understand its challenges and commit ourselves to support its essential growth. An energy revolution is on its way, we are proud to contribute to it.

Dedicated solutions to the french market

We develop offers specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the local market. We are particularly targeting the CRE’s Call for Tender segment with a whole range of dedicated solutions.

An agile approach

We develop our own IT tools and applications which offer a direct, transparent and constructive interface between developers, manufacturers, operators, manufacturers and logistics providers.

Our services meet your needs

Since 2009 we have been supplying the European market with solar panels. We work alongside the main solar developers, builders, operators and manufacturers. A strategic positioning that allows us to meet your needs and develop adapted solutions.

Direct sourcing for your ground-based plants

For your ground-based plants, we support you in a direct contractual relationship with manufacturers. We act in their name and on their behalf with the mission of serving you locally. You have better control over your supplies and capitalize on the necessary information for the valuation of your assets.

A turnkey offer for your roofing projects

For rooftop plants, we reserve production capacities with our manufacturing partners that specifically meet the needs of the French market. Thus all projects, whatever their size, can be equipped with modules purchased through Synapsun’s quality approach.

Our history


First manufacturer partnership

Signature of a strategic partnership agreement with the GCL group. World leader in the manufacture of solar materials.


Start of LCA

Study of the entire industrial value chain: Polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells, modules.


First certifications & Registration of SYNAPSUN Trade

  • Life cycle assessment and certification of GCL's entire manufacturing chain.
  • Registration of Synapsun Trade, our turnkey sourcing entity.


  • 200MW of AO CRE orders in the pipeline.
  • Around 290 000 modules delivered.
  • Synapsun Trade turnover exceeds €1 million



  • Synapsun passes the 200 MW mark for volume delivered
  • Structuring logistics
  • Launch of the portal
  • New manufacturer partnerships
  • Staff numbers double
  • Synapsun Trade turnover exceeds 5 M€.


  • Already 40 developers use it on a daily basis
  • Synapsun Trade sales exceed 10 M€.


  • More than 80 developers and installers use the Synapsun portal
  • Volumes handled by Synapsun and Synapsun Trade in France represent more than 5% of the market
  • Synapsun Trade begins export sales
  • Synapsun Trade sales exceed 20 M€.