JA SOLAR Technology Co.,Ltd.

JA SOLAR Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2005, JA SOLAR is a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules classified "Tier 1" by Bloomberg and in the top 3 manufacturers worldwide. It is also one of three manufacturers rated AAA in the PV TECH bankability ranking.

The manufacturer has a PV module production capacity of 65 GW.

Historically, JA Solar has been a cell manufacturing specialist at the heart of module technology. It is naturally that it positions itself as one of the players offering the most reliable products on the market.

Being vertically integrated, it benefits from an optimized cost structure and quality control throughout the production value chain.

Manufacturer profile

Caracteristics Value
Product type Ingot,Wafer,Cells,Modules
Country China
Module production capacity 95 GW
Employees 22000
Turnover M USD 3 287 939,00
Factories Fengxian Xingtai Hefei Yangzhou Yiwu
Stock listed in Shenzhen
Stock tracker SHE: 002459
Creation year 2005
Rank Tier 1